Marrying the Science of Nutrition with the Art of the Kitchen

Culinary Translation is Where Healing Begins

Applied Culinary Nutrition: Be the Coach Not the Meal Planner.... is a game-changing online course focused on helping clinicians empower clients to do their own meal planning, stand on their own food feet,  and move towards healing....all under your expert guidance 

Online and LIVE course coming September 2016

Blending Nutrition & The Kitchen with the Future of Medicine

What links a chef in the Italian Alps to an Island in the Aegean Sea and what are they cooking anyway?  Join us for 2 hours of game-changing thinking around food, medicine and the Mediterranean Diet

July 26. Learn More


Transform Lives Through Genomics

Finally the course in genomics and culinary genomics that clinicians have been waiting for! Learn what you need to know to start building genomic testing, clinical and culinary  solutions into your practice. Three learning options!  In partnership with our sister company, NCG Health Solutions. Learn More

Beginning mid-July  with live practicum options in Santa Fe and Boulder


Performance Nutrition, Genomics and Culinary Arts

A game-changing  8 week live and recorded online course for sports nutrition experts.  Take your athletes to their highest potential.  In partnership with NCG Health Solutions. Online beginning Sept 6. Read More

How Does Culinary Genomics Influence Longevity?

Listen in starting at minute 12


PAINTING BIOCHEMISTRY ON THE PLATE:                       Introducing Culinary Genomics in the USA - IFM, 2015