About Amanda

 Amanda Archibald’s  unique training as an analyst and a nutritionist (RD), combined with her culinary expertise, has enabled her to develop a new lens through which we can understand the food and health conversation. Amanda’s trailblazing work is redefining the food, nutrition and cooking education footprint in ways that are understandable, meaningful and fundamentally achievable for all Americans. Her work in mind-mapping, using visual technology,  is literally changing how we translate the science of nutrition, via the tools of the kitchen, to put health-supportive food on America’s plate. 

Amanda has been involved in lecturing, teaching, counseling and producing state of the art experiential food and nutrition learning experiences for consumers and health professionals alike since 2003. Her work has been showcased in more than 30 states, over 100 U.S. cities,  and in 7 countries. She has also produced four international food policy focused events.  

Amanda continues to push the cutting edge through unique endeavors.  In 2013, she designed and implemented the only Food As Medicine teaching and counseling curriculum for nutrition and health professionals:  Hearth to Health. This program launches online 2016.   In 2015 at the international medical conference hosted by the Institute for Functional Medicine,  she applied her unique culinary-nutrition translation skills to the field of genomic medicine and presented the concept of Culinary GenomicsThis unique interface between the culinary arts and genomic medicine, has ignited a firestorm of interest among physicians, healthcare professionals and chefs. In 2016, Archibald continues to merge the fields of  the culinary arts, medicine and nutrition (food as medicine) through a bold platform of programming partnering with visionary chefs, physicians and clinicians. Her vision in all of these endeavors remains crystal clear: help individuals understand how food works in the body. Then translate it to the plate in accessible, affordable, nourishing and deeply flavorful ways. 

Through her nutrition and culinary lens, Amanda has spoken extensively at nutrition, medical and agricultural conferences. As an analyst she has presented at conferences as diverse as The Fancy Food Show, World Wide Food Expo and the Institute for  Food Technology.  Her work has been broadly showcased in the media to include The Food Network, Food Management Magazine, Today's Dietitian , Kiwi Magazine and beyond.

When not working, Amanda enjoys her Rocky Mountain lifestyle, residing in Boulder, CO.