Designing a Kitchen that Talks to Your Genes

Did you hear about the Genomic Kitchen, the newest design concept on the kitchen market?  No? Not yet? It’s probably because I just built it. I built it in my mind. I built it on my plate. 

I visit the Genomic Kitchen each time I’m in a restaurant. I scan the menu, looking for a certain “genomic magic” among the ingredients. When I spy that magic, I ask myself “Does this chef knows that their culinary artistry is Food as Medicine, and it might be talking to my genes?” And the Genomic Kitchen pops up in the Cocktail Lounge too. Not the place with the premixed frozen drinks, but the one where cocktail perfection is an exotic symphony of herbs, spices and infusions with, or without alcohol.  It’s a funny thing to sit at a bar and ask yourself “Can this cocktail really talk to my genes?”  Better still, to fantasize that the owner could surely use my Genomic Kitchen designer skills…

So What Is The Genomic Kitchen and Who Wants One Anyway?

The Genomic Kitchen is a culinary reflection of a new era in medicine. You may know the new trend or “era” as Personalized Medicine, and it seems everyone is “in it.”  The great thing about personalized medicine is that it suggests individualized solutions versus mass market solution (one generic drug for everyone’s blood pressure problem). But what can be confusing about personalized medicine is that we don’t all have a clear definition of what exactly it is. What’s more, everyone is “in it.” In essence, personalized medicine is an approach to health that that starts with your DNA.  

You are born with your DNA and you die with it too.

True personalized medicine starts with your genomic blueprint, which can be grabbed right after you’re born.  How difficult can it be to swab the baby’s mouth while you’re cleaning up everything else? Genomic information is your DNA reflecting your physiological mirror. There are no lies; No detours; No “what if’s. ”Genomics are your roadmap for fueling yourself optimally and organizing your lifestyle, exercise and “me time” for the rest of your life.

Who can argue with that?

Why I Built The Genomic Kitchen

I built the Genomic Kitchen because there are lots of things that influence how your genes behave, and nothing gets their attention more than food. But reader beware, all food is NOT a fit for your genes. In the presence of junk, sugar and unidentifiable “food products” that don’t exist in nature, your genes become like shrinking violets, hiding away from the task at hand, refusing to play with the other folks in the garden. Or they start bouncing off their molecular walls, causing untold damage to their playmates and destroying the playground that is meant for everyone.

The Genomic Kitchen tells us which foods to choose based on the genomic blueprint order.  This is not a kitchen where we create generic “Special Diets.” It’s where we reach for foods that coax your genes into action, or support them when they are struggling. It’s a kitchen where the recipes support our innate biochemistry!  No Nutrition Facts Panels here. Percentages and mathematics are not the language our genes speak 

I believe that we have reached a new era in medicine, but more importantly, we stand at a new threshold for the culinary arts. How we build recipes, design menus, serve patients in hospitals, fill our grocery carts, or set the restaurant table will change. It may not be tomorrow, but check your social media feeds, your blogs, your Pinterest Boards and your food magazines 2 years from now. I guarantee you’ll see change… and maybe you’ll buy one of my kitchen designs.