Nutrition & Culinary Guidance

Eating should be a pleasure, not an intellectual exercise.
— Joan Gussow

You are a reflection of the world you live in, the relationships you have, the air you breathe, the water your drink, and most importantly - the food you choose. At Field to Plate, we believe that food is your best medicine. Amanda Archibald, RD works individually with clients and in partnership with functional nutrition expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD to marry the science of nutrition with the art of the kitchen. We develop customized nutrition and culinary solutions for each and every individual.

How We Work

Amanda and Meryl leverage their expertise in nutrition, food and the culinary arts individually and as a team.

  • We utilize a number of cutting edge functional nutrition and metabolic evaluation techniques to provide you with the best insights into your health and wellness journey.
  • We choose custom ingredients and recipes and create nourishment strategies and meal ideas reflecting the best of nutritional science for your program. The result: a nutrition roadmap and meal program that is unique to you, your physiology and your wellness journey.

When we work together as a team, Meryl focuses exclusively on nutrition intervention and deep education. Amanda focuses on bridging your personalized nutrition prescription to your plate through recipes and menus. We work seamlessly with you via in-office visits, phone, Skype and email to deliver the nutrition solutions you've been looking for.

We believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself. We support that health and healing journey using the best of evidence-based science and individualized health supportive meal guidance.