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Edible Education Events

Field to Plate designs unique and fabulously memorable edible education experiences. Our Edible Education events work in conjunction with a meal component of your meeting, conference, reception, fundraiser, workshop or gathering. Whatever you're planning, we'd like to take the eating experience at your event to a new level. Instead of yet one more ho hum sit down meal, we create a dining experience that doubles as a learning experience. We'll replace predictable baked chicken, fat-free dressed salads and out of season fruit bowls with health supportive, innovative eating experiences that are as thought-provoking as they are nourishing.

How it Works

Using a health or wellness theme of your choice, we'll create a sit down, a stand-up, or a browse and graze edible education experience that actively engages the palate and the mind of each of your guests. We work with you, your chefs, or the chefs at your event location. The menu /event design and selected ingredients are interwoven into the edible experience in nourishing and health supportive ways to be revealed at the end of the dining experience.

In one event, we achieve nourishment, learning, inspiration and innovation.

Our Edible Education events are styled after 10 years of edible education workshops and events designed to introduce food and food ideas in meaningful, nourishing and deeply memorable ways. We integrate food in a unique way, showcasing it as a platform for both nourishment and learning. Browse through the event concepts below and then give us a call to discuss how we can design a unique experience for you.

Sample Edible Education Event Themes

Flights of Flavor
Our signature edible education browse and sample event focusing on a wide variety of food education themes from wellness to environmental. Guests visit a number of food stations sampling foods and figuring out what meaning is behind each station.

Health Supportive
Ingredients featured in the menu or event design are chosen for their established role in the health or wellness theme you choose

Health Restorative
Ingredients featured in the menu or event design are chosen for their recognized role in restoring health, or contributing to healing and recovery

Conscious Choice
A creative use of ingredients used on menu or in event design to illustrate leading issues in environmental awareness and sustainability


All events are coordinated and produced in full collaboration with the culinary and management team at your meeting site. Field to Plate has produced edible educational events from 50-300+ since 2003.

Each event includes an interactive dialog between our culinary-nutrition experts on site and your guests. The dialog reveals the health-supportive meaning behind each course or station.

In your event package, we'll include a complete take-home information package containing supportive educational resources and customized Field to Plate Roadmaps© illustrating how each chosen ingredient, course or tasting station supports your chosen wellness theme.

Field to Plate has collaborated and produced edible education events since 2003. Events can be produced for 50-300+.

Ready to take your event to the next level?

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss what we've done and how we might help you.

Style of Edible Education Events we produce

  • Luncheons and dinners
  • Receptions
  • Fundraisers
  • Guided Tastings and educational sessions for conferences & meeting packages
  • Custom

Some of the many organizations we have produced Edible Education events for:

Canyon Ranch, DKNY's Urban Zen (Food Solutions); Kaiser Permanente; Sage Dining Group; American Dietetic Association: Dietitians in Functional Medicine Group, The Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Group, Food and Culinary Professionals; Share Our Strength: Cooking Matters™ ; State of Maine Child Nutrition Services; Oklahoma Public Health Association; National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs; University of Wisconsin; University of Minnesota Cooperative Extension; Florida, Louisiana & Maryland Dietetic Associations.