Field to Plate is a visionary food as medicine education company, pioneering a paradigm shift in how we think, talk and teach Americans about food and food choice. We are part of the groundswell that food and the soil we grow it in, are the raw materials of our health. Our roots are deeply entwined with a passion for food, flavor and the sense of well-being, wholeness and community that is derived from eating together.

From the beginning, we have aspired to bring visionary thinking and innovative ideas to the fields of food, nutrition and health. By so doing, we connect individuals to their personal health journey in new, inspiring and deeply meaningful ways.

What We Do at Field to Plate

  • Create a seamless conversation between food, nourishment, health and the environment in which we live.
  • Connect the science of nutrition to the kitchen in practical and attainable ways.
  • Generate continuing education programming in the food as medicine genre for accredited food, nutrition, health, culinary and teaching professionals.
  • Innovate the wellness space from the menu up

To achieve our goals, we reach out every day to extraordinary men and women: chefs, nutrition professionals, physicians, health experts, physicians, community leaders, farmers and like-minded organizations. This willing collaboration of food minds, experts and artisans has allowed us to redefine food education and the health journey in America.

To the experts and artists who believe in us, and work alongside us, we are deeply grateful.