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Marrying the science of nutrition with the art of the kitchen.

Nutrition & Culinary Guidance

Think of it this way:

If you or your kids had braces, you knew the process would be more than a one-time visit.

You don't get the braces put on and then quit three months later. It's the same with nutrition.

You are a reflection of the world you live in, the relationships you have, the air you breathe, the water your drink, and most importantly - the food you choose. At Field to Plate, we believe that food is your best medicine. Amanda Archibald, RD teams with functional nutrition expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD to marry the science of nutrition with the art of the kitchen. Together we develop customized nutrition and culinary solutions for each and every individual.


Health is not cultivated in one day and neither is illness. You don't suddenly wake up well or succumb to sickness. Your health is an expression, or a mirror, of the world you have exposed yourself to. No doubt you are familiar with the adage that Rome was not built in a day. Neither was your health or that which ails you. So with this in mind, we believe that your health cannot be restored in one visit, one conversation, one medication or even one healing modality? To rebalance your body for optimal health, your body needs time to rebuild, restore and re-adjust to missing nutrients, new ingredients, nourishing meal plans and the new information we provide it through food.