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Do you have a bunch of good food intentions that end up in the trash?

  • Are you outsourcing your health to grab and go or ready-to-go meals made by others?
  • Are you losing control over your health?
  • Are you on an endless cycle of reclaiming your health and losing it again? 
  • Would you like a nutrition blueprint for the rest of your life?

We Get It!

With more than thirty years of experience, Penny Wilson, PhD., RD and Amanda Archibald, RD have been helping people reclaim control over their health using a food as medicine approach.  Hearth to Health is a comprehensive learn-on-your-own-time  program in which we help you understand how nourishing whole foods work in your body and then how to translate them to your plate. 

Hearth to Health is the  only comprehensive Food As Medicine program designed for the public. Join us in live webinars, or listen to recordings at your own convenience.  Pick and choose between modules, or listen to everything! 

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Learn how food works in your body and translate it to your plate

Hearth to Health is a Food As Medicine culinary + nutrition webinar series designed for individuals seeking concrete answers to questions about nutrition, food and how impacts your health. We take you on an exploratory journey to uncover the food and lifestyle traits of well and long-living populations around the world. Through a series of  interactive teaching modules and culinary demos,  we translate the science behind wellness and longevity, showing you how to integrate it into your life. No more food labels, calorie counting or guessing which foods to keep in your refrigerator, or which to throw out! 

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In a Nutshell: What you'll learn and what you'll get!

  • Six Food As Medicine informational classes
  • Four online cooking demonstrations
  • A complete book of translational Nutrition Roadmaps
  • A comprehensive recipe set
  • Access to a private Facebook page for support
  • Access to private Pinterest boards for more recipes and health information

  • Watch live or listen to recordings




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