About the Program

Leveraging the tenets of our professional-level Hearth to Health training curriculum, this Puglia-based program offers a unique opportunity to experience food as medicine through immersion into history, culture and Salentine (Puglia) cuisine. Through a series of interactive Food As Medicine lectures, mirroring  the Hearth to Health curriculum,  we establish an evidence-based nutritional blueprint for health. As the week unfolds,  translate this nutrition blueprint through journeys into local history, culture, the Puglia landscape, and importantly, its cuisine.  Our vision is that this program represents a translational experience, mirroring the food and lifestyle concepts that are a foundation for Food As Medicine and Functional Medicine. 

We have purposely crafted this program to provide a balance of intellectual stimulation, culinary- cultural exploration and plenty of downtime at each destination. 



A Unique Interactive Immersion Experience

Our Puglia-based program is offered to both the public and nutrition experts. We purposely invite practitioners to experience this dynamic program as both a nutrition expert, but also through the eyes of the public. For practitioners, this is both an observational and an immersion learning experience. 

Continuing Education Information

  • 10 slots are reserved for nutrition and health practitioners to attend this program. 
  • Practitioners will experience the program in exactly the same vein and voice as other attendees.
  • This continuing education is approved for 23 CPEs for RDN/DTR (Field to Plate is an accredited provider with CDR since 2003)
  • Practitioners who have completed Hearth to Hearth to Health training prior to Puglia may take full credit for both this program and   Hearth to Health professional training.
  • Practitioners who have not completed Hearth to Health professional training are asked to complete the training within 18 months of attending thePuglia program to receive full credit. Professional level training is provided at no cost to Puglia program attendees.  See program for details


  • $2695 - early bird on or before  June 15th
  • $2995 after June 15
  • Prices are land price
  • 10 slots only are available for accredited nutrition, health and culinary professionals

Your Journey Includes

Enjoy photos from some of our past international programs

As a native European, Amanda Archibald is not merely a visitor to Europe! She has lived and worked in more than 5 European countries and is fluent in 3 languages. Europe's mountains, pastures and by ways have always been a part of her life.

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