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Four Cooking Lessons That Will Change Your Life

Food is information and food is medicine. Food informs our body how to act and sometimes, how to react. Hearth to Health is a visionary hands-on culinary + nutrition experience providing you with the nutrition knowledge, health-supportive recipes and cooking practice to nurture your health for a lifetime.

The program combines modern nutrition science and basic cooking knowledge with traditional food wisdom that has been the foundation of health for centuries. We focus on what food actually does in your body and for your health. Then we translate that knowledge into delicious, easy-to-create recipes that everyone can make. In 4 cooking lessons, you'll find new direction for your health … and your life.

Hearth to Health will be offered online starting Winter 2014. Subscribe to be notified when online classes are open.

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Hearth to Health in the news: A prescription for your palate.

Hearth to Health for Educators:

If you are a licensed nutrition/health expert, or chef-nutrition expert team, and interested in teaching Hearth to Health in your community, email us for details.


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