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The world of food, nutrition, science and health is complex. When facts and science are linked to solutions and recipes, the result is a pile of handouts, books, URLs, recipes and lists. And we all know what happens when we're given a pile of "stuff" to sort through! It stays in a pile, shuffled from one place to another. So at Field to Plate, we decided to simplify the process and revolutionize the way you connect the dots between science and your plate.

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Example: Our SALT Roadmap distinguishes different types of salt, their origins, nutritional differences and preferred application.

Here's how they work:
Our Roadmaps take complex ideas and simplify them – visually. We start with a food, nutrition, health or cooking topic. We think through what a person really needs to know. Then we lay it out in a visual picture. It's that simple.

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Field to Plate Roadmaps are concise, colorful, educational and
conceptually cutting-edge!

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Science and Innovation Never Stand Still

Our Roadmaps have been presented to, tested and used by food, nutrition and health experts and members of the public across the nation. We maintain a continuous dialog with practitioners and individuals alike. This important two-way conversation allows us to create and update our Roadmaps on a continuous basis.

Disclaimer: Field to Plate recognizes every individual has a unique physiology. Our Nutrition and Health Supportive Roadmaps present research-supported information about the role of key nutrients and food may play in supporting health. These roadmaps are not designed to be diagnostic or a treatment plan. They do not replace the individualized advice of a licensed, accredited healthcare provider. They also present the food and nutrition aspect of a health spectrum that incorporates so much more than food to achieve and maintain