The Genomic Kitchen for Nutrition Experts 

Help Your Clients Live their Best Expression... Over a Lifetime 

In 2017, for the first time, we will be introducing individuals to strategies they can use to choose and prepare food that influences their health through a food-gene relationship. The Genomic Kitchen is born out of a desire to help individuals live their best expression. 

In this course, we'll show you how to choose and prepare foods to influence your genes. By enhancing medicine in the ingredients we can positively impact root causes of disease, namely inflammation and oxidative stress.  That being said, we all have a unique blueprint. Each individual has very personal needs when it comes to genomics and they will be looking for experts to guide them on their individual food journey. We want to bring the business to you! 

The Genomic Kitchen introductory course for Nutrition Experts is a course that parallels the Genomic Kitchen course for individuals, however is structured with deeper scientific insights and educational tools for you as experts. This course will introduce you to the basics of how genes work and which foods can support our innate biochemistry and features evidence based nutrition science, educational strategies, client teaching tools, and a master roadmap of ingredients that enable a strong relationship between food and our genes. 

This is an introductory course and appropriate for nutrition experts with or without any prior knowledge of nutrigenomics. After taking this course, you will be able to assist individuals who have taken the public course and who are looking for further professional help to implement new foods and strategies that can help empower them in their own kitchen. Additionally, you will have a new toolbox and a new food lens for education and your practice. 


Offered May 2017


  • The connection between genes, longevity and health
  • How genes work in simple terms so you can talk to your clients
  • Master genes and their influence on disease and health
  • The critical role of nutrients, bioactives and the ingredients that impact gene expression
  • Working with ingredients in the kitchen to optimize gene expression
  • Recipe selection and meal planning strategies


  • Comprehensive list of supportive science and citations
  • Additional reading materials
  • Ready-to- go teaching materials and detailed visual nutrition roadmaps
  • Food gene recipe pack
  • Free one year enrollment in our GK database, searchable by individuals who have enrolled in our Genomic Kitchen courses for the public


Nutrition and health professionals.