About Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition represents a new paradigm in food, nutrition, health and medical services.  We marry the science of nutrition with the art of the kitchen to develop customized nutrition and culinary solutions for each and every individual. Our work embraces the movement that Food Is Medicine. This evolving field is known as Integrative Medicine and believes that illness is a reflection of your body out of balance. We no longer look at your rash, insomnia, creeping fatigue or borderline depression and offer medication as the sole cure. Instead, we peek under the body's hood and look for a break in the metabolic connections, a deficiency in core nutrients, a disruption in the body's communication gap.

Functional nutrition experts work as a team with your medical doctors and health care providers. Similar to detectives, we seek out nutritional, environmental and lifestyle contributors that may be contributing to your symptoms or illness. From there we create a detailed, health-supportive nutrition and culinary plan that supports your journey of re-balancing your health and achieving optimal wellness.