Applied Culinary Nutrition: Advanced Course

Culinary translation is where healing begins

This advanced course is designed for nutrition and health experts who have taken the basic Applied Culinary Nutrition course. In this course, you will learn how to apply the basic principles of culinary nutrition to nutrition science and nutrition concepts you manage in practice. This course is offered in conjunction with our partners at Next Level Functional Nutrition and will advance your knowledge and application of culinary nutrition in the practice setting. This is the most advanced applied culinary nutrition course available for experts. 

What You Will Learn

  1. An introduction to the fascinating deeper elements of science that showcase how food and nutrients impact cell biology and biochemistry
  2. How to use strategic ingredients to advance your nutrition intervention
  3. Ingredients that deeply impact management of oxidative stress, a core principle in nutrition intervention and functional nutrition
  4. Three ways to use food to manage inflammation
  5. Nutrients that support and influence detoxification and detoxification programs
  6. Detoxification from a genomic perspective. How it works and considerations on how you measure the effectiveness of your nutrition intervention
  7. Using ingredients to induce gene expression. An introduction that places you at the cutting edge of culinary nutrition work
  8. A deeper dive into the microbiome and its impact on health
  9. Using fats to impact cell membranes and how they influence inflammation
  10. Using targeted polyphenols to improve health outcomes
  11. Structuring protocols for food sensitivities and food elimination
  12. How to build a cardio-metabolic culinary toolbox

Who Should Attend

Nutrition, health and culinary experts. We recommend you complete the Applied Culinary Nutrition foundation course OR have a foundation in functional nutrition. If you prefer to take the advanced course first, following it up with the foundation course will provide you with the planning tools and concepts we use in the advanced course. 


  • Feb 9, 23 and March 8 and 22
  • Course is offered live and recorded, with access to recordings
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for Applied Culinary Nutrition hosted by Next Level Functional Nutrition. Monitored by Amanda Archibald, RD and Susan Allen, RD


  • $299
  • 8 Continuing Education Credits for Registered Dietitians