Culinary Wellness: The Menu as a Change Agent

FOOD AS MEDICINE is not a slogan anymore...

A rapidly growing movement is changing medical education, driving disease prevention and shaping health communication around the globe.  Working with health-supportive ingredients that are the raw materials of health, chefs and foodservice professionals are uniquely positioned to profoundly influence the healing and health outcomes of patients, patrons and the public.  From kitchens and cafeterias, chefs and foodservice professionals can influence change and move the menu from simply “good for you” to a place of deep nourishment, interactive learning and physiological fulfillment. 

Boulder, CO June 22 - 24, 2016

  • Approved for 17.25 General Hours by the  Certifying Board for Dietary Managers
  • Approved for 17 CPE (RDN)
  • Approved for 18 CEH by the American Culinary Federation
CLICK image to download program

CLICK image to download program



Roberta Kline, MD: Food As Medicine, Genomics

Amanda Archibald, RD: Food As Medicine, Culinary Nutrition, Culinary Genomics, Culinary Translation

Chef Elena Clement, CEPC, AAC: Culinary Translation, Culinary Lab

Deanne Brandstetter, MBA, RD: Marketing and Regulatory Considerations: Foodservice and the Menu; Culinary Translation


$725 (Early by May 15)  $850 after May 15, 2016


  • Walk through the principles of Food As Medicine
  • Re-organize your culinary tool box and strategy to produce food as medicine focused meals and menus  
  • Explore the field of Nutrigenomics and learn application and future potential for chefs, foodservice and the menu (Culinary Genomics)
  • In the culinary lab, explore culinary genomics: cook using a variety of ingredients that influence gene expression (Culinary arts meets the future of medicine)
  • Develop strategies that elevate the menu to a driver in wellness intervention
  •  Enjoy fascinating science, innovative culinary work, inspiring conversation and game-changing ideas. 


Chef Elena CLement

Chef Elena CLement

  • Food as Medicine: what you need to know and how to translate it to the menu
  • Build and cook with a food as medicine culinary toolbox
  • Explore culinary genomics in the kitchen
  • Develop culinary strategies to support a food as medicine approach to organizational /institutional health initiatives
  • Utilize the menu to connect kitchen to classroom and/or clinic to cafeteri


  Deanne Brandstetter, MBA, RD

  Deanne Brandstetter, MBA, RD

Chefs, Foodservice Directors and Dietary Managers responsible for menu and dining in campus, institutional, organizational or business settings. Healthcare professionals working in recipe, menu development and/or foodservice. Chefs and professionals working in restaurant or retail food settings looking for new paradigms in healthy food and menu production