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— Mike Fenster, MD, Interventional Cardiologist
Amanda introduces Applied culinary nutrition at IFM in 2015

Amanda introduces Applied culinary nutrition at IFM in 2015

Since its inception, Field to Plate has supported nutrition and health experts with cutting edge education in the culinary-nutrition space. We have always worked in the “no-man’s land” or synaptic gap between nutrition advice and translating it to the plate. Teaching in more than 100 cities and so many kitchens, we know first-hand the challenges educators and practitioners face. Our professional level workshops and webinars feature dynamic tools, ideas and learning experiences that consider food and nutrition strictly through the lens of the nutrition educator, practitioner and chef.  Each workshop and webinar is tailored to the expert experience and features actionable tools and resources to support your expertise, in your space. Read testimonies about our work.

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Applied Culinary Nutrition

Feb 21 - March 14 2017

Culinary translation is where healing begins

For many clinicians, the most challenging part of the client visit is getting to the meal planning conversation. Increasingly complex patients demand more nutrition education and intervention, resulting in meal planning being a brief conversation that leaves both patient and clinician unsatisfied. Some of us clinicians have tried to meet the needs of every single patient, generating custom meal plans that take hours, leave us energetically depleted and unable to recuperate the monetary value of time spent.

With guest presenter, Meryl Brandwein, RD

10 CPE for Registered Dietitians