Cooking with Food that Keeps Your Genes Young!

Blue Zones are geographical locations where clusters of people live beyond the age of 100. Two of these Blue Zones are in the Mediterranean. In this webinar, learn about these Mediterranean islands and the lifestyle and food habits of the centenarians who live there. Then we'll look a little deeper under the hood to reveal how compounds in the foods of these longevity islands are literally talking to our genes. Learn which foods these are and how to serve them up on your plate in simple and delicious ways. 

Amanda Archibald with Dr Joe Veltmann

Two 75 minutes sessions  $10

The live webinar takes place February 9 and 16, 2016. 

This webinar will be recorded. You may access any time. By registering, you will create a private account which will enable to access the webinar at any time in the future.