The Menu As A Change Agent

Food is the raw material of health. It provides the building blocks for healing and a foundation for lifelong wellness.  

                          CHef John Turenne

                          CHef John Turenne

The food as medicine movement is alive, gathering momentum and changing medical practice across the globe. Using the menu as a food as medicine platform, we believe that the kitchen and cafeteria are in a powerful place to effect change.

More than ever before, chefs and foodservice professionals are perfectly positioned to deeply influence the healing and health outcomes of the clientele they serve. We call this Culinary Driven Wellness

We believe that the menu, as a change agent, is uniquely positioned to be the platform for teaching, healing and influencing health.

Culinary Driven Wellness unites the culinary arts, foodservice expertise and the evidence-based principles of food as medicine with the menu. This food-centric marriage moves the menu from simply “good for you” to a place of deep nourishment, interactive learning and physiological fulfillment. With food in the drivers’ seat, Culinary Driven Wellness strategies forge a nourishing bridge between an organization’s foodservice and it’s clientele.

Amanda Archibald talks about Food As Medicine


Amanda Archibald, RD collaborates with Chef John Turenne (Sustainable Food Systems) to create Culinary Driven Wellness Strategies for organizations and institutions.  Uniting more than 40 years in the culinary arts, foodservice systems management, nutrition science and food as medicine teaching strategy, Amanda and John bring revolutionary ideas to the menu and wellness space.

We elevate the menu from reactive choice, to an interactive and educational platform, supporting wellness from the menu up.