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Culinary Nutrition for Nutrition & Health Experts

  • Online and On Demand USA (map)

Culinary Strategy & Translation Tools for Professionals who talk to Americans about food..

No matter how good the nutrition advice, or the recipes, this is frequently never enough to help people navigate the no man’s land between science and their table....


Many of our clients get lost in the nutrition wilderness, the space that exists between sound advice and their kitchen space. Most nutrition practitioners and health educators also do not have the time to build custom meal plans to match their advice. But with the right tools and the right strategy, you can step into the culinary translation space and bridge the nutrition gap for every client. 

In this training,  learn to:

  • Build a "grab and go" culinary framework for your practice or organization
  • Create and integrate simple and flexible culinary solutions into your practice
  • Use a variety of planning tools and recipe frameworks to generate simple customized food solutions
  • Write meal plans "on the fly," live with your patient, or via the internet
  • Nip and tuck ingredients into recipes to meet individual needs
  • Extend your advice from teaching space to your client’s kitchen space
  • Deepen your impact and ultimately the health and success of the clientele you serve.

This course includes a complete recipe rolodex, a series of culinary planning frameworks, educational tools, Field to Plate's Proprietary Visual Roadmaps, resources, practical ideas, and a host of solutions to add to your toolbox to guide clients to their own most nourishing plate. 

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WHEN: Wednesdays: February 25, March 4, 11, 18  7 -9:00 PM EST

HOW: Four 2 hour webinars, offered live with access to recordings

Continuing Education Credits:  8 RDN/DTR  and CECH CAT I

PRICE: $229   EARLY $179 (Feb 1)

Taught by Amanda Archibald, RD - Field to Plate