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Applied Culinary Nutrition: Be the Coach, Not the Meal Planner


Culinary translation is where healing begins

For many clinicians, the most challenging part of the client visit is getting to the meal planning conversation. Increasingly complex patients demand more nutrition education and intervention, resulting in meal planning being a brief conversation that leaves both patient and clinician unsatisfied. Some of us clinicians have tried to meet the needs of every single patient, generating custom meal plans that take hours,  leave us energetically depleted and unable to recuperate the monetary value of time spent.

As a fellow nutrition expert working at the cutting edge of clinician nutrition science (Functional Nutrition and Genomic Medicine), I recognize the need to change how we do the meal planning part of our work to satisfy our patients and importantly, ourselves.  This course is designed to make the meal planning process satisfying for you as a clinician, and more importantly, offer your client the  support and coaching needed  as they implement new dietary and lifestyle changes for their continued success.

  • Live online (and recorded): September 19-October 10 and Nov 14

    • Recordings are accessible for 6 months
I have enjoyed (the course) immensely and learned so much! I love your new way of positioning healthful eating, coaching instead of meal planning, and selecting food based on genomics
— Linda Roberts, MS, RD - Wheaton, IL


  • Step out of meal planning and into meal coaching
  • Empower your patients to do their own meal planning under your expert guidance
  • How to use visual roadmaps and planning tools to connect the dots between nutrition science and ingredients
  • Help patients understand the WHY of putting specific food on their plate and then teach them how to do it
  • On the fly, in-practice quick menu planning tools that your patients leave with
  • A four step method to help your patients pick their own best healing ingredients and recipes
  • Build custom "grab and go" culinary frameworks that reflect your practice and organize your recipes for easy coaching and rapid meal solutions
  • Free online recipe collection platforms that allow you to provide comprehensive guidance for in about 10 minutes
  • Deepen your nutrition expertise and culinary translation through cutting edge insights in genomics that will truly change patient lives
  • Leverage your practice by outsourcing complex meal planning tasks. Is this right for you, why you might do this and who should you outsource to? 
I love how your maps make everything so much easier. Thank you for the work you do for all of us to make our jobs and intake easier.
— Isabelle Becker, MS, CHES


  • Course includes
    • Six month access to online course recordings
    • Visual roadmaps pack of teaching/counseling tools
    • Portfolio of recipes demonstrating principles taught
    • Private Pinterest board
    • Optional subscription to Field to Plate's Nutrition Roadmaps database




With more than 20 years experience, Meryl Brandwein manages a highly successful clinical practice in Southern Florida. She was Amanda's tag team partner in culinary coaching and the expert Amanda always reaches out to, to validate new concepts and ideas in the clinical setting. To grow her business, and optimize face time with clients, Meryl leverages her expertise through the support of additional health professionals and coaches. Meryl will be sharing her expertise as an RD with a thriving business who partners with health coaches to create a better client experience.


Online Course: 10 CPE RDN/DTR  


Online Course: $349 with Nutrition Roadmap Subscription $50 through September 23 only. Regular course + Roadmaps subscription price: $569



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