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Applied Culinary Nutrition for Nutrition and Health Professionals

  • Live Online & Recorded (map)


Bridging the gap between nutrition advice and its translation to the individual plate

The only online Applied Culinary Nutrition Course developed for Accredited Nutrition and Health Professionals

This five-part online continuing education course is designed exclusively for experts who teach the public about food and food choice. Developed through the lens of the busy practitioner/educator, this online series provides experts with the tools and strategies to translate your nutrition and health expertise into culinary and meal solutions from your office or online space. Work with unique educational roadmaps. Adapt and share customized recipes using free social media platforms. Move from time-consuming meal planning to the position of culinary coaching, empowering your clients to build their own meal strategies. 

May 2 - June 6  7-9 PM EST  Live & Recorded.  

CPE 10 RD/DTR  CHES: 10 CECH LEVEL 1 (Pending final approval)

Price $249  

Exclusive $49 option to subscribe to our Nutrition Roadmaps Database coming May 2016



  • Explore a refreshing, updated lens of science to use in patient education, nutrition advice and culinary solutions
  • Educational materials, concepts and solutions developed through the lens of the clincian/educator for the busy clincian/educator
  • Extend your advice from teaching space to your client’s kitchen without leaving your office
  • Leverage free online tools and social media assets to build customized recipes for your practice
  • Practice-tested strategies that you can use to teach your clients how to build meals for themselves
  • Frameworks for choosing, adapting or writing recipes
  • Frameworks for building "grab and go" culinary frameworks to use with clients
  • Case studies: applying culinary nutrition principles to individual clients and health issues
  • Introduction to Culinary Genomics: leveraging your expertise in nutrition science, food recommendations and meal solutions to bridge with the future of medicine (Nutrigenomics)
  • A peek into a Food as Medicine Toolbox and the Culinary Genomics Toolbox

This course includes more than 40 unique teaching roadmaps for your practice




  • Planning and teaching templates to use in teaching and practice
  • Supportive ready-to-use educational roadmaps
  • Recipe planning tools 
  • Basic recipe rolodex
  • Private pinterest board with supportive educational materials and recipes
  • Discounted Option to access our Nutrition Roadmaps database to be released Spring 2016

What people are saying

Two things set this course apart. First, in addition to interesting science and technical details Amanda provides you with several ways to implement the information into your practice area (recipe building, valuable resources, client assessment and education). Secondly, Amanda has a unique commitment and passion for the food is medicine philosophy.
— Kim Beavers, MS, RDN, LD, CDE Dietitian Producer and Co-host Eating Well with Kim