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EAT YOUR CURE! Clean Out The Trash and Declutter Your Body!

  • Live Online & RECORDED - listen anytime (map)

An "Eat Your Cure!" Program  

With functional nutrition expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD

January 21 & Feb 4: 7-8:30 PM EST   This two part series will be recorded. Watch anytime

What’s the difference between a detox and a cleanse and why would you do one anyway?

In this 2 part series, learn when and why these regimens are used, what’s happening in your body and what the health benefits are to you.


  • Detoxing and cleansing: the difference, the purpose and the benefits
  • How to use food to re-set your metabolism and overall well-being 
  • The health benefits of a detox and when/how to detox versus cleanse
  • How to prepare your body for a smooth and easy detox.


  •  Learn which foods naturally support detoxification and cleansing  in your body
  • Simple ways to incorporate them into a simple eating framework for cleansing or detox.


  • Deep cleansing soups
  • Grab-and-go salads
  • Smoothies with a cleansing punch
  • Simple Detox Food Plan Strategy

PRICE: $29