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Do the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Talk to Your Genes?

Do the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Talk to Your Genes?

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DNA is the software that runs the human body. It codes for all biological functions.  Food, and more specifically, food-derived bioactives, are the "drivers" that can significantly impact gene expression. 

The recent release of the 2015 dietary guidelines generated a huge buzz among nutrition and science experts and medical communities. While some experts liked the “guiding principles” nature of the report, others found little value in the guidelines and recommendations.

Perhaps the larger question to ask, is whether the one-size-fits-all dietary guidelines in this report are at odds with where medicine and nutrition are evolving--personalized and individualized nutrition, prevention and treatment programs based on a person's DNA.  

Amanda Archibald, RD hosts leading experts in Nutrition Science and Genomic Medicine : Roberta Kline, MD and Joe Veltmann, PhD.