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Introduction to Culinary Genomics

Introduction to Culinary Genomics

Online: Live and recorded  

March 2, 9, 16, 23  7 - 8 PM EST

March 16 is TWO Hours (culinary)

CPE: 5 (RDN)  

PRICE $149

Early Bird $119 by Feb 15

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Culinary Genomics represents a new frontier, fusing nutrition science, genomic medicine and the culinary arts.  In this four part series, designed as a primer, we'll introduce you to the field of genomics, its relationship to nutrition science, and the evidence-based science that supports nutrition intervention.  Then we'll step into the virtual kitchen to illustrate how recipes and meal plans can be adapted  using ingredients with demonstrated nutrigenomic activity. This short course will focus on the future impact and potential of genomics and the culinary arts for nutrition, medical, health and culinary professionals. 

Culinary Genomics: The culinary integration of food-derived bioactives with demonstrated nutrigenomic activity– onto a nutrient-dense and diverse whole food canvas


  1. The relevance of genomic medicine and nutrigenomics, now and the future

  2. How the interface between genomic medicine and nutrition science generates advanced personalized nutrition blueprints for client intervention and education

  3. The scientific considerations for choosing ingredients to include in the genomic pantry and nutrigenomic culinary toolbox

  4.  How to make simple recipe adaptations to incorporate ingredients that can impact gene expression

  5. Application in action: applying culinary genomic principles to clinical intervention


Joe Veltmann, PhD  - Genomics and Nutrigenomics
Roberta Kline, MD - Applied Genomics and Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice
Amanda Archibald, RD - Culinary Genomics

Questions? Call: 240-422-5072


The blending of nutrition science with the culinary arts has never been more powerful