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The Power of Functional Genomics and Culinary Translation for Fitness and Performance

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To excel or be proficient in any sport today takes practice, the right kind of equipment, adequate nutrition, motivation and a set of athletic genes.  Genes that bestow power, endurance, stamina, flexibility, superior muscle fiber size and/or composition, and the ability to heal quickly from an injury are just some of the attributes elite athletes possess.

In the past, whether you got these athletic genes was pretty much a roll of the dice.  Today, however, with advances in genomic testing we can identify: 

  • The type of exercise (endurance versus powder) that best fits your DNA profile
  • The type of nutrient deficiencies you may encounter which might limit performance
  • How best to recover from an injury
  • How to achieve peak performance.

Pairing functional genomics with culinary  nutrition translation provides a powerful foundation for supporting athletic performance. Whether you are working with competitive athletes, weekend warriors or clients interested in improving their health through exercise, this webinar will showcase the powerful potential of functional genomics and the culinary arts.


Presented by:

Dr. Joe Veltmann PhD FAAIM DCCN and Amanda Archibald RD