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The Hidden "I's" of Managing Your Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight in spite of careful calories and lots of exercise?  

 Research tells us that you might be looking in the wrong place and running down the wrong street. Join us for a look at how the hidden "I" -  inflammation and insulin -  may be influencing your weight challenges and strategies for regaining control 

With Mary Jo Fishburn MD


  • Why you may not be able to lose weight no matter how much you run and how little you eat
  • What fires up inflammation and why it blocks weight loss
  • The insulin seesaw - and how it works against your weight
  • Strategies to regain weight control


  • How to choose recipes that support smooth as silk blood sugars
  • Recipes that combine flavor and fiber: easy curries and salads that double as dinner

Friday April 24  12:00-1:30 PM EST. Listen live or to a recording anytime!

Price: $12 - includes recipes and our nutrition roadmaps!