Deep Clean Phytonutrient Rich Cuisine

Nutrition Wisdom

In this class, we focus on foods and ingredients that prevent inflammation, or "rusting".

Inflammation is the root cause of disease and illness. Foods rich in polyphenols and bio-active compounds can prevent the damage leading to inflammation.

Some of the same bioactive compounds in food that prevent inflammation can also help our body cleanse itself of toxic products that are generated by the foods we eat and lives we lead. This natural process is called detoxification and is a critical role of the liver. The liver is our central operating system. It manufactures products. It recycles products. It packages up toxins and waste for export from the body. A healthy liver is a healthy body. A sluggish liver is a sick and fatigued body.

Cooking Expression

Prepare simple recipes featuring antioxidant- rich ingredients that pack an immune defense punch and give your liver the right tools to do its cleaning job. Recipes feature easy salads, slaws, soups, dips, spreads, salad dressings, sides and stir fries.

Sample Recipes

Asian Sweet Potato Salad, Cleansing greens with Ginger-Pepper Dressing, Celery Root & Apple Slaw, Homemade no bake granola bars

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