Hearth to Health

Hearth to Health is a visionary nutrition information and culinary demonstration series providing you with the nutrition knowledge, cooking information and health-supportive recipes to nurture your health for a lifetime. The program combines easy-to-understand nutrition science and insightful cooking demos with traditional food wisdom that has formed the foundation of health for centuries. Taught by experts in Food As Medicine (functional nutrition) and culinary translation: Amanda Archibald RD and Penny Wilson, PhD, RD.

Hearth to Health teaches you exactly which foods to choose, why to choose them and how they actually work in your body. Then we translate this knowledge into easy-to-create recipes that nourish you to your core.

The program includes a complete compendium of informational "roadmaps" to assist you in learning as well a comprehensive recipe set. Participants enrolling for the complete 10 part program, will also have access to private Pinterest Boards and Facebook page. 

Hearth to Health features innovative visual roadmaps that simplify the connection between nutrition science, functionality and health for participants. Nutrition science transitions into delicious, easy-to-create recipes that can be demonstrated, taught in a hands-on setting, featured on a menu or provided as supportive nutrition and culinary translation materials for individual clients. 

Additional Information

This is a ten part program. Six modules are presentations. Four modules are culinary demonstration. To read more about each module, or to register for specific modules, please visit: http://www.fieldtoplate.com/hearth-to-health-online/

Amanda Archibald, RD & Penny Wilson, RD

Ten 60 minutes sessions  $179