Making Nutrition Matter: Customizing Nutrition Advice to Your Clients’ Plates.  Strategies for Busy Practitioners and Educators

Nutrition advice without culinary translation is simply advice. Clients get lost in the “no man’s land” between nutrition information and its transition to the kitchen. In an ideal world we would accompany our clients into their kitchens and show them how to create dishes that reflect our advice. But this is a reality available to very few! In this presentation,   learn how to customize your advice to your client’s kitchen and home space without stepping foot in their home. Create visual maps that allow your client to see their entire health journey on one screen, or one sheet of paper. Prioritize individual health goals and organize them in manageable bites. Take each health goal and connect them to ingredients, recipes and meal plans that contain the target nutrients your clients need.  We’ll use case studies and live, interactive ideation to generate visual maps and culinary solutions that enable you to see this meaningful planning process