Nourishing Bites for Wellness In Life

Tired of daily sound bytes telling you what to eat? Fed up with one more "superfood" claim, or the daily "top ten" food list? One day something's good for you and the next day it's not. Perhaps we should all take some dining cues from our ancestors? Maybe glean a little knowledge from folks who live to be 100 or more? In this class, we'll explore which foods, cooking practices and lifestyles are consistent with the living well around the world. Then we'll link the underlying science to your health.

Leave with:

  • 7 strategies for organizing your food lifestyle in easy ways
  • What to put on your plate without reading labels or doing arithmetic
  • High octane strategies for getting the most nourishment per bite
  • A nutrition roadmap for the rest of your life
  • Resources for reading and cooking

Live online beginning: March 2, 2015