Nourishing Bites for Wellness In Life

Tired of daily sound bytes telling you what to eat? Fed up with one more "superfood" claim, or the daily "top ten" food list? One day something's good for you and the next day it's not. Perhaps we should all take some dining cues from our ancestors? Maybe glean a little knowledge from folks who live to be 100 or more? In this class, we'll explore which foods, cooking practices and lifestyles are consistent with the living well around the world. Then we'll link the underlying science to your health.

Leave with:

  • 7 strategies for organizing your food lifestyle in easy ways
  • What to put on your plate without reading labels or doing arithmetic
  • High octane strategies for getting the most nourishment per bite
  • A nutrition roadmap for the rest of your life
  • Resources for reading and cooking

Key Words: nutrition, nourishment, food, lifestyle, cooking, health


One day a food is good for you and the next day it’s not. Sound familiar? Perhaps we should take some dining cues from our ancestors and people who live to be more than 100 ! In this presentation, we’ll explore which foods, cooking practices and lifestyles that are consistent with the living well and the long-living around the world.

Enjoy a fascinating multi-media journey into health and well-being, seen through the eyes of medical experts, scientists and the long-living themselves. Take home some solid, tasty and candid advice you can apply to your life.

Key Words: nutrition, nourishment, food, lifestyle, cooking, health, ancestors, traditions, longevity, wellness

Building Your Best Health Defense - One Bite at a Time

Confused by all the articles, clips and ads that claim the ultimate solution for boosting your immune system? Are you googling to figure out if you should be juicing, eating raw, or taking supplements to boost your immune system and health defense? Can’t shake off what is dragging you down? 

In this presentation, we’ll cut through the hype and get straight to the science… and the food! 

  • Learn what the immune system looks like and how it works
  • Find out what happens when your immune defense is compromised.
  • Discover how to get your immune system back in balance
  • Learn which ingredients and recipes will deliver your best immune defense and simple ways to get them onto your plate 

Key Words: nutrition, nourishment, food, lifestyle, cooking, health, science, immune system, inflammation, wellness

Cooking for People Who Don’t Cook!

Yes you can really put together a decent meal even if you avoid the kitchen and claim you can’t cook!  Learn how to use the most basic of equipment, with the minimum of skill to create basic meals that make you look like a rockstar!   Open, add, pour, shake and mix simple, flavorful whole food ingredients and create beautiful food with the minimum of fuss. Discover which equipment to buy and what to stock in your pantry. Then watch and learn how to put it all together for some great bites.  Amaze yourself and get nourished too!

Key Words: nutrition, nourishment, food, cooking, recipe, kitchen, pantry

The Healing Kitchen: Recipes and Culinary Strategies for Loved Ones Who Are Sick

When someone we love is sick, nourishment becomes a stressor. Often sickness is accompanied by changes in appetite, food interest and physical limitations which prevent eating and the healing provided by deep nourishment. In this presentation, we’ll look at the kitchen through the lens of high nutrient density, low volume recipes and meal concepts. Learn about different categories of deep nourishment meal options.  Discover how to layer deep nourishment into simple recipes using a variety of flexible, nutrient dense ingredients. Learn to boost flavors and change textures using simple equipment.

Note: this session is designed to provide general guidance, but we will not be able to provide personalized medical or nutrition guidance

Keywords: Food, nutrition, nutrients, food as medicine, kitchen, culinary, recipes, menu plans, cooking, healing, nutrient dense, nourishment, health, 

The Food As Medicine Kitchen; Organizing Your Kitchen to Deliver the Best Food- Medicine

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