The Food As Medicine Kitchen

Nutrition Resources, Culinary Strategies, Recipe Rolodexes and Supportive Meal Plans for the Health Practitioner 

In this x -part webinar developed for practitioners, we’ll examine food as medicine, culinary strategy through the lens of the busy practitioner. Health practitioners spend the majority of their client interaction connecting the dots between current health status and food + lifestyle solutions.  Most practitioners are also not chefs and equally have little time to construct recipes files and custom meal plans for clients. This series is designed to provide busy practitioners with the educational tools, recipe files and flexible meal plans to compliment your clinical expertise.

The Culinary-Nutrition Kitchen

  1. Detox Kitchen
    1. Recipe frameworks
  2. Inflammation (Immune Boost) Kitchen
    1. Soothing the Fire
    2. Boosting Immunity
    3. Recipe Frameworks
  3. Gut Kitchen
    1. Soothing the fire: culinary strategies for G.I. distress
    2. Rebuilding the gut defense wall
    3. Food as medicine strategies to build microbiota
    4. Recipe Frameworks
  4. Deep Nutrition Cleanse
  5. Cardio-metabolic kitchen