Onsite Foodservice

Supporting Wellness From The Menu Up

 The menu is the opportunity to teach, nourish and restore health. Be it healthcare, corporate or school foodservice, Chef John Turenne and Amanda Archibald will introduce Food As Medicine principles onto your menu and into the lives of the clients you serve. 

What Food As Medicine looks like on the menu

Food as Medicine transforms both the menu and your customer’s eating experience by explaining ingredient functionality. Traditional menu marketing has focused on calories, low fat and “healthy” claims.   Our Food As Medicine approach allows customers to use a common sense approach in order to choose food based on how it functions in the body and supports health. To translate Food As Medicine to the menu, we have developed a strategy using Field to Plate’s Hearth to Health concept. This can be adapted and /or customized as much as the client needs. 

Here’s What We Do

  • Assess and re-align the foodservice operation to incorporate Food As Medicine principles onto the menu

  • Align in-house recipes with Food As Medicine principles

  • Create a custom Food As Medicine recipe portfolio 

  •  Re-align point of service to reflect Food As Medicine 

  •  Create in-house communication and marketing strategy for cafeteria and trayline using print, digital, social media and intra-net systems

  •  Provide comprehensive foodservice management and staff training

  •  Provide in-depth training for health and wellness staff and clinical staff in the healthcare setting

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